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Baltimore Homes in Federal Hill

With some of the most magnificent views of the inner harbor and downtown Baltimore, Federal Hill over the last couple decades has transcended into one the most popular neighborhoods in Baltimore City.

Federal Hill earned its name in 1788 when thousands of Baltimore residents held a day-long celebration and marched from Fells Point to the hill, which is now called Federal Hill Park. The hill was also the location where troops gathered during the British attack on Baltimore in the War of 1812 and where Federal troops were stationed during the Civil War. From high atop the hill troops could see incoming vessels before they entered the harbor. During the War of 1812, British were eventually defeated and this marked the ratification of the US Constitution.

Federal Hill was nearly changed forever in the 1960s when plans were unveiled to run a portion of interstate 95 through the neighborhood. The plan was eventually changed ensuring a revitalization of Federal Hill. Programs were soon put in place to sell off much of the Federal Hill real estate that had been vacant for years. The most popular of these programs, hosted by Baltimore City, sold the late 1800s Federal Hill homes for $1 provided the purchaser substantially renovated their new home. This program brought many new residents to Federal Hill.

Federal Hill is bound by Hughes Street to the north, Key Highway to the east, Hanover Street to the west and Cross Street to the south. Federal Hill Realtors will quickly tell you that this area offers its residents a lot of city convenience. With Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Ravens Stadium, Federal Hill Park, Riverside Park and the Federal Hill Festival with live music, food, vendors and beer gardens there is always somewhere to be. Federal Hill is also home to the Cross Street Market where residents can come enjoy a number of food stands and vendors.

Thanks to Baltimore City sponsored programs that provide tax incentives for renovating these 2 and 3 story brick rowhouses, Federal Hill real estate will continue to be a draw to prospective home buyers.

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