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Is Baltimore’s Housing Industry Entering a Catfish Recovery?

07/05/2011 02:15:02 PM: Selling homes in Baltimore and surrounding areas such as Fells point or Canton is currently on the u...

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Baltimore Foreclosures

02/15/2011 09:38:55 AM: With rising foreclosure notices being sent to borrowers and asset managers beginning to liquidate th...

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Real Estate Outlook 2011

01/03/2011 01:53:11 PM: Baltimore's real estate market at the close of 2010 had seen values continue to fall, inventory rise...

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Baltimore Homes in Little Italy

Little Italy is neighborhood of less than 700 residents located just east of Inner Harbor. Little Italy and its quaint streets grew into existence as Italian immigrants settled into this area. This thriving restaurant district is home to over 20 of the most popular Italian restaurants. Each summer Little Italy closes off several of its blocks and hosts a street festival with food vendors, crafts and live music.

Rarely are there many homes for sale in Little Italy. The turnover of real estate in Little Italy is relatively low in comparison to neighboring communities. Residents in Little Italy will tell you that there is a real spirit of community here and a low tolerance for crime within this area.

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